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Meet Magali Lamourelle, the driving force behind Manifest Mindsets. Drawing from her roles as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt,  Business Consultant, Life Coach and 6 Phase Meditation facilitator, Magali understands the intricate interplay between mindset, emotions, and goal attainment. Magali combines her passion to provide tangible tools for participants to achieve success in mental wellness and mindset mastery, overcoming challenges with resilience  and designing the future of their dreams. 

From working with Global giants such as Amazon, Toshiba, and United Healthcare, Magali has gained extensive experience in developing innovative solutions and personalized tools. Her passion lies in helping individuals and teams achieve limitless results through the use of tailored and cutting-edge solutions that empower all to reach their full potential and drive meaningful growth.


As a certified Mindvalley Life Coach, Magali also provides personalized techniques to accelerate self-discovery, manifest desires, and step confidently into your next reality. She’s particularly passionate about supporting clients navigating trauma, challenging transitions, and corporate pressures.

Magali guides you towards healing, reclaiming power, and sharpening your tools.

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Every thriving business boasts an empowered team. Drawing from transformative experiences, we’ve pioneered innovative team building workshops fostering mental wellness, cohesion, and creativity. Empower your team’s mental well-being, enhancing job satisfaction, retention, and personal growth instead of just offering them a phone number to call when times get tough with stress, anxiety and depression taking a hold of their lives.

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At Manifest Mindsets, we recognize the uniqueness of your journey. Beyond mere problem-solving, our approach equips you to master your mindset and design your own future. From overcoming trauma, to navigating the end of teenage years, to early adulthood and even on to excelling in professional corporate life, we’re not just consultants; we’ve mentors, thought leaders, and partners dedicated to unearthing your potential and leading the way to unparalleled success. Break free from limitations and embrace a life of endless possibilities.

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