mental wellness team building events

Picture an oasis of mental wellness amidst the bustling work life! As your team dives headfirst into their team-building adventures, stress and tension are banished to the distant past. Like a breath of fresh air, these events offer a rejuvenating escape, clearing the mind and invigorating the spirit.

But that's not all...

The mental boost doesn’t stop there! These electrifying experiences trigger a cascade of neurochemicals, flooding your brain with waves of happiness, motivation, and resilience. Your team members become champions of mental strength, ready to take on any challenge with renewed vigor!

And here’s the real secret to success: these team-building events create an ecosystem of support, where camaraderie and empathy thrive. The once-isolated individuals now stand united, bolstering each other through thick and thin. The ripple effects of this powerful bond extend beyond the office walls, ensuring that everyone feels valued and cherished.

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure, where shared experiences forge unbreakable bonds among your team members! As you become a part of this tight-knit family, you’ll feel the invigorating rush of belonging and emotional support sweeping through every corner of your organization. Watch as stress evaporates into thin air, leaving behind a trail of satisfied, smiling faces!

It’s time to break free from the mundane and embrace the electrifying synergy that team building events bring! Say goodbye to ordinary and embrace the extraordinary as you gear up for an epic transformation towards a happier, healthier, and more successful workplace!

our engaging activities

Vision Boards

Teams get to create visual representations of their goals and aspirations to quickly see them manifest before their eyes. This activity allows us to be present in the moment and fosters self-reflection, motivation, and a sense of purpose.

DIY Essential Oil Rollers

Teams get insights into what essential oils are optimized best for them through a quick body scan and then can create  their own roller focusing on the emotions and body systems they want to target with the essential oils of their choice. Aromatherapy can have a positive impact on mood and relaxation.

Art Therapy

We set up an art session where team members can engage in various art activities. Art therapy can help reduce stress, enhance creativity, and promote self-expression.

Inspirational Sticky Notes

Create a culture of recognition by encouraging team members to write positive and uplifting messages on the sticky notes and leave them for others to find. This simple activity spreads positivity, boosts morale, and creates a supportive atmosphere.

Collaborative Art Mural

Do you know how many artists you have on your team? Wouldn’t it be fun to find out the creative brilliance of your team by dedicating a wall or a large canvas in a common area for a collaborative art mural.  This activity promotes teamwork, creativity, and a sense of collective ownership.

DIY Energy Cleansing Kits

Team members can create their own energy cleansing kits for personal use. These  tools promote relaxation, stress reduction, and emotional well-being, while supporting team building through a shared interest in mindfulness practices and a sense of unity among team members.

DIY Mood Tracker

Learn the power of your emotions and how they impact your body systems. Team members can create their own mood trackers, allowing them to monitor their emotions and identify patterns over time to adjust in accordance of how they want to feel. This promotes mental wellness by fostering self-awareness, emotional reflection, and the development of coping strategies, while supporting team building through open communication, empathy, and mutual support among team members.

DIY Mini Zen Gardens

Let your team members create their own mini zen gardens using small trays, sand, rocks, and miniature decorative elements to take back with them as a tool to support mental wellness. Mini zen gardens provide a calming and meditative experience, helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Mindful Tea Tasting

We set up a tea station with a variety of herbal teas for team members to enjoy. They engage in mindful tea tasting, paying attention to the aroma, flavor, and sensation, while better understanding the therapeutic benefits of the herbal teas they are sampling. Sampling herbal teas promotes mental wellness by offering a calming and sensory experience, while supporting team building through shared enjoyment of the teas, fostering a relaxed and positive atmosphere among team members.


Arrange for guided meditation sessions led by an instructor or using pre-recorded audio. Dedicate a quiet space or conference room where team members can practice meditation together. Our team can conduct short meditation sessions during breaks or as part of team-building activities. These sessions can help team members relax, rejuvenate, focus, and improve their overall well-being.

Healthy Snack Sampling

We are what we eat! Our team organizes a healthy snack sampling session where team members can try different nutritious snacks and understand how food impacts our mood and overall health. This activity promotes mindful eating, encourages healthy habits, and boosts energy levels.

DIY Gratitude Journals

Teams can create their own gratitude journals, decorating them and dedicating pages to daily gratitude reflections. Creating gratitude journals fosters mental wellness by promoting positive thinking and gratitude, while enhancing team building through shared appreciation and a sense of unity among team members.

DIY Positive Affirmation Mobile

We encourage team members to create mobiles with positive affirmations that can be hung in their workspace for daily inspiration. This promotes mental wellness by cultivating positive self-talk and boosting self-esteem, while supporting team building through shared affirmations, encouragement, and a sense of collective empowerment among team members.

Power Play List

Music has a profound effect on our mood and helps with diffusing negative feelings and emotions that do not serve us. Participants take the time to craft their own power play list of songs that are ready at a moment’s notice and can encourage, motivate and uplift them to keep reaching towards their goals and not give up when the pressure seems high. These playlists offer a therapeutic and soothing outlet for stress relief, while supporting team building through shared musical preferences and a sense of camaraderie during challenging times among team members.

DIY Terrariums

Team members can create their own mini terrariums. This type of engaging hands-on activity can be soothing and relaxing, offering a creative outlet and reducing stress. While supporting team building through collaboration, communication, and a shared sense of accomplishment among team members.

DIY Stress Balls

We setup a DIY stress ball-making station where team members can create their own stress balls using balloons and various filling materials like beans, rice or flour. Squeezing stress balls can help relieve tension and promote relaxation and a great tool to use in and out of the office.

Creative Writing Prompts

We provide writing prompts to encourage team members to engage in creative writing during their breaks or downtime. Writing can serve as a therapeutic activity, promoting self-expression, reflection, and stress relief.

DIY Mindfulness Jar

Team members can create their own mindfulness jars, which can be used as a tool for relaxation and calming the mind. Creating a mindfulness jar promotes mental wellness by providing a calming and meditative tool for stress reduction, while supporting team building through shared mindfulness practices and a greater sense of collective well-being among team members.

DIY Self-Care Kits

Team members can create their own personalized self-care kits for rejuvenation containing items such as candles, bath salts, face masks, herbal teas, and other relaxation tools. Encourages self-compassion, stress reduction, and self-nurturing practices, while supporting team building through shared self-care experiences, empathy, and a supportive team culture among team members.

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